CIRATWhen businesses, institutions, nonprofit organizations, or governmental agencies need to reduce uncertainty, one place they can turn to is the Institute for Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst. Many already have.

The Institute for Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University has a research and analysis arm, the Center for Intelligence Research Analysis and Training (CIRAT). This center has provided research and analysis products to clients since 1995. Over the years, it has done research and analysis for agencies such as Department of Defense, the European Union Parliament, Central Intelligence Agency, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Erie Regional Chamber of Commerce, Eriez Magnetics, and many more.



Here are some examples of the types of services that CIRAT can provide:
  • Focused, open source research >>  Under the direction of IIS faculty, our student research requested topics.  These requests can range from amassing large databases for manufacturers to finding the latest developments in highly specialized scientific endeavors.
  • Custom analysis>> Also under the direction of IIS faculty, our students perform open source research on intelligence requirements. Utilizing a variety of analytic techniques, the students produce estimative intelligence products and briefing to meet decision-maker needs.
  • Custom threat assessments>> Under the direction of IIS faculty, our students develop targeted threat assessments to support organizational needs.
  • Analytic test beds>> With a student population in excess of 400 candidates, IIS offers opportunities for researchers and software developers to test hypothesis, techniques, and products on the future of the intelligence workforce.
  • Program evaluation >> We offer a third party analytical assessment of your organization’s programs.  It provides the customer and funding authorities a review of program deliverables, fiduciary soundness, and program impact.  The professional expertise we possess is unparalleled in providing unbiased analysis of core performance criteria and communicating that information in a concise context for all types of decision makers.

Contact Us

The IIS-MU, through its Center for Information Research, Analysis, and Training (CIRAT), has a number of research and analysis options for potential clients to consider.  For more information contact:

Brad Gleason
CIRAT Director
Phone: 814-824-2423